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FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio @alex_puccio89 and FrictionLabs Athlete Robin O'Leary @robinoleary sit down with FL's VP of Marketing Paul Dusatko @pdrizzll to catch up on life, climbing, training, and Alex's move back to Colorado! Scope it.

Recorded live at the @frictionlabs booth during the Summer 2019 Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver, CO.

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FrictionLabs new recruit Ben Burkhalter makes quick work (three sessions) of Giuliano Cameroni's Blade Runner V15/8C! Blade Runner is a recent RMNP power-crimp addition located on the famous Jade boulder in Upper Chaos Canyon. Siiiiiick work Ben! 👊

Video and Motion Graphics: Arjan de Kock + Paige Claassen.

Ben's go-to FrictionLabs blend? Secret Stuff base layer plus Gorilla Grip mixed with Unicorn Dust!

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs #brushyourtickmarks 🙏

FrictionLabs Pro Keenan Takahashi keeps his Swiss tick list rolling with a quick repeat of Dave Graham's Delusions of Grandeur. Strong work KT!

Keenan's go-to FL blend? Secret Stuff (base layer) with Bam Bam (super chunky).

Video: Brian Hedrick Music: Beneath by Cushy (Epidemic Sounds)

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs #brushyourticks

FrictionLabs Athlete Roy Quanstrom aka Our Boy Roy keep'n it groovy on Dave Graham's beauty of a boulder, Amber 8b/v13 in Brione, Switzerland.

That granite tho!  😍

Roy's go-to FL blend? Gorilla Grip (medium chunky)

Video: Will Anglin Music: Trouble (YouTube License)

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs #brushyourticks

During a quick yet fruitful trip to Hueco Tanks, FrictionLabs Pro Matt Fultz sent multiple classic test-pieces including Esperanza V14, Tequila Sunrise V12, and Diabolique V12/13... just to name a few!

On day 2, Matt toured the tip of West Mtn with fellow FL Pro Alex Puccio to explore the Adventureland zone. After nabbing the second ascent of Puccio's new addition Mammoth Rub V12, Fultz took down his main objective, Young Blood V12 via a flash.

Matt's go to FL blend? Bam Bam (super chunky)

Video: Paul Dusatko

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio had a mega trip to Hueco recently, taking down classic after classic only to add her own!

Adventureland features amazing polished stone of the highest Hueco quality dubbed "mammoth rub." As the theory goes, large mammals like mammoth and cattle (in more recent years) used ground level access to scratch their backs on certain boulders.

The wear down of the rock from years of this scratching created a beautiful solid polish—Inspiring not only Alex to name her new line Mammoth Rub, but master climbing hold shaper Ty Foose to create an entire dual-tex line of the same name.

Mammoth Rub, V12 adds a few hard power/tech moves into an existing V4 mantle stand start. After suggesting this lower link, watching Alex and Matt put together the final sequence was pure inspo!

Next time you're in Hueco ask your guide or a local about the story behind "the rubs." 🤓

With bonus footy of the 2nd Ascent by FrictionLabs Pro Matt Fultz!

Video and Edit: Paul Dusatko @pdrizzll

Music: In My Thoughts by _91ultra (ES)

Alex's go-to FrictionLabs Blend? Bam Bam (super chunky)

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

FrictionLabs Pro Niky Ceria recently traveled through his homeland of Italy from North to South. Over 3 months, Niccolo hit main bouldering zones along with those less traveled. His focus was first ascents and at each stop Niky added yet another classic to the ever expanding attraction of climbing up and down The Boot.

Among the highlights for Niky was the area of Basilicata: "Basilicata is probably my favorite region of Italy, it includes amazing sandstone bouldering. This place was full of great potential to establish new lines and some of these projects were my main goal... 'Curry' (featured) is probably the best traverse I've ever climbed!  It was a very nice trip and the quality of the boulders was higher than ever." - Niky

Enjoy the vid and next time you're planning a major climbing trip , consider adding Italy to the mix!

Video: Niky CeriaNiky's favorite FrictionLabs blend? Bam Bam (super chunky)

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

FrictionLabs Pro Sam Davis is back in The Tanks and sniffing out first ascents! This time, he nabbed two new roof lines in an area dubbed Hell's Kitchen on North Mtn above Theater of The Absurd.

Follow SD as he establishes:
Hell's Kitchen V11 and Outlaw Country V9 followed by "warm down" laps on Crown of Aragon, v13 and Liane, V11. Sick Sam!
Video: SD Edit: PD

Sam's favorite FrictionLabs blend? Secret Stuff + Bam Bam (super chunk)
#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs #brushyourticks

FrictionLabs Athlete / French mega cranker Clément Lechaptois joins an international squad of climbers who have topped out the pinchy-power-Swizzy classic Vecchio Leone, 8B/V13. Scope it, get psyched, and start planning a trip to Brione!

Enjoy the silence and then the wind... :wink:

Clem's go-to FL Blend? Bam Bam (chunky)
#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs #brushyourticks

FrictionLabs Athlete / underground cranker / Tension Climbing homie Tristan Chen takes down Fred Nicole's OG North Mountain stunner, Esperanza, V14 in Hueco Tanks, TX. Siiiiiiick work Tristan!

Video: TChenEdit: PDrizzll Music: ES_Clockwork - Cushy

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs #brushyourticks #goforthandcrush

Ooops, she did it again! (caution adult language) FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio takes on the Leavenworth, WA test-piece The Penrose Step, V14! Alex returns for a rematch on the granite goodness of the PNW... This time, taking down Beautification, V11, Turbulence, V12 and the main event The Penrose Step, V14 (fa by fellow FL Pro Carlo Traversi).

Scope it. Get psyched. Go send your projects.

#chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs

Video: Joel Zerr

Music: YouTube Creator Studio: Track 1 Oh Wee by Mikos De Gawd Track 2 Trapped by Yung Logos Track 3 Echoes by Yung Logos

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