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FrictionLabs Athlete Jonny Hork aka JHork cruising two classics in Roy, New Mexico. Bear Toss, V11 and No Tiempo Moss, V10.

#chalkmatters #keepclimbing #frictionlabs

In production... FrictionLabs Pro Matt Gentile and filmmaker Nathaniel Davison are back it! Scouring the backcountry and hinterlands outside of Flagstaff, Arizona for 5 star roof lines and highballs. Stay tuned!

What does it take to climb at your personal limit? FrictionLabs Pro Joe Kinder explores his vision and personal process during the bolting, development, and ascent of Planet Garbage, 5.14d/9a in Rifle, CO!

FrictionLabs Pro Alex Puccio demonstrates the non-kneebar beta for Rumble In The Jungle in Hueco Tanks, TX.

FrictionLabs Athlete Kasia Pietras balancing out the LRC, Tennessee slab-classic Fortune, V6. #weeklymo by Nathaniel Davison 

FrictionLabs Pro Carlo Traversi styling out the Joe's Valley compression / crimp classic Lonesome Animals, V11/12. 

#weeklymo #chalkmatters

It's aliiiiiiiiive! Jason In Hueco Land! Journey into the dark recesses of Hueco Tanks with FrictionLabs Pro and lifelong developer Jason Kehl -CryptoChild as he uncovers new 5 star lines and shares them with the world. Video and edit by Nathaniel Davison Special thanks to the HTSP crew for their assistance and permission to shoot aerial footage in the park.

FrictionLabs Pro Will Anglin back at it in Hueco showing us his Full Monty, V12. Yet another Fred Nicole classic! 

Video: Michael Rosato #chalkmatters #frednicole frictionlabs.com

FrictionLabs Athlete Jeremy Fullerton touring a few classic Hueco test-pieces—Rumble In The Jungle, V12 and Power of Landjager, V11. 

#weeklymo #chalkmatters frictionlabs.com

To drop knee or not to drop knee? That is the question. FrictionLabs Pro Paul Dusatko beta battles it out with his #wifey and FL Athlete Emily Dusatko on the unique White Walker, V8 in the Poudre Canyon, CO. #chalkmatters #weeklymo GoProFrictionLabs.com

FrictionLabs Pro Jason Kehl -CryptoChild continues to sniff out gems in the dark recesses of Hueco Tanks. Here he is on the first ascent of Shadow Time, a unique compression line with an airy finish. #yielding #weeklymo #chalkmatters frictionlabs.com

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